Increase Your Visibility.

Increase Your Market Share.

Cimini & Company is an independent, full-service marketing and advertising agency located in downtown Providence, RI.

We’ve done it all.

We’ve developed successful campaigns to launch, grow and revitalize businesses; brand new products; elect governors and congressmen; market restaurants; sell real estate, cars, lifestyle, leisure, healthcare, design, transportation and, well, you get it.

We’re full service.

That means we can handle everything from market research to creative development to media planning, public relations, interactive and more. That translates to convenience, but what it really means is that you get more for your money.

We’re visionary.

We build an accurate picture of where you are now, with a realistic assessment of challenges and opportunities. We envision where you could be and then develop the fine-tuned strategy and creative concepts to get you there. That tight integration means every element works harder and delivers more.